Farmall Fan

What are the two belts on a Farmall 230 called?

I have a '57 (maybe a '59, not 100% sure) Farmall 230. One of the belts (just behind the fan) just broke, and I am tempted to replace it. There are two belts, one of the contacts 3 blocks, and is just behind the fan. What is this called a belt (is that the fan belt?), And what are its dimensions? I know the other band, which means the generator is 11/16 "x 35 3 / 8", but I'm not sure of the other.

The three bands are the fan belt (the one that broke) and the other two are steering a belt brake and the other is the alternator belt. I have the same machine as you. mmalky: 50 years to diagnose and fix small and large engines.

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