Wheel Wedge

The figure shows a right circular cylindrical wheel of cheese 2 inches high from which a wedge weighing 1/2?

pound has been cut. All cuts are perpendicular to the base and radiate from points B and C, the centers of the circular top and bottom. What is the weight, in pounds, of the original uncut wheel?

here is the figure:http://www.collegeboard.com/testing/sat/skillsmap/mathematics/600/196236.html

The figure is in Skill1 Please help me get to the answer Thanks!!

Interestingly enough, this question uses Skill 1:
"Recognize and use volume in solving multistep problems"
but solution does not require volume

A 30° wedge has been cut out of cheese wheel. Since there are 360° in whole cheese wheel, this wedge represents 30/360 = 1/12 of whole cheese wheel.

1/12 of cheese wheel = 1/2 pound
Whole cheese wheel = 12* 1/2 pound = 6 pounds

Weight of original uncut wheel is 6 pounds.
Answer: D

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